From California to Minnesota!

Welcome to my blog! I figured I would entertain my friends by writing about my hilarious and probably never-ending experiences from moving to the sunny and extremely warm beaches of Orange County, California to the coldest place in the United States – Minnesota.  I am trading in my flip flips for snow boots (hopefully cute ones at that).  I only own four sweaters, none of which actually keep me warm.  I have Ugg boots from when they were in style in 08, and own two beanies that are more for fashion than warmth.  I once asked Matt who was mowing the lawn when there was six feet of snow on the ground.  By the time he finished laughing and explained the concept of a snow blower, I knew if we ever moved there I would be a complete fish out of water.  Well, the time has come. Matt was promoted and accepted a job in the greater Minneapolis area, and me and our fur babies are heading to the midwest.  I am stoked about the kind, hospitable people I am about to encounter, but am deathly terrified of getting behind the wheel in snow.  This should get really interesting…..